Work in Progress


Project code name "ExecFuncs"


The Keep in Games team is creating a valuable tool, unique in its kind, which allows to measure the development of cognitive abilities in children with special education needs through a video game with integrated Artificial Intelligence techniques.

We will keep you updated about this new title.


 We are supporting the simulation system for the "Friendship Theory" ™. Rules are defined that allow us to reach friendship.  With which you can model players or create a video game.

Keep in Games' Portfolio

In the middle of this year we published a beta version for the title Bouncy Balls Mayhem.

An android version to test the reception from known people and then improve it.

Bouncy Balls Mayhem Beta

Strikes the blocks with the bouncyball and enjoy discovering the new unlock locations.

BBM is available in a Beta version in Google Play (v. Please restart your device after installation. Otherwise, only the first screen is displayed.

Remember watch the videos to go ahead the levels and support us. In this way we will release a full paid version with 100 levels.